Saturday Morning Cartoons: Where’s Will?

Hello friends!  If you are joining me for the first time, Saturday Morning Cartoons is a weekly thing I do where I share a children’s book that either I loved or my children currently love. If you are interested in sharing a children’s book of your own, I encourage you to participate!

A couple months ago I went to San Diego’s first annual festival of books.  While I was there I stumbled upon this booth selling the most amazing children’s books I had ever seen.  Like I literally stayed in that particular tent until I was dragged out by an impatient spouse. I picked up a couple books from there and since then I have been to their website and purchased more.

For a while now, my son has been into Where’s Waldo books. I always enjoyed seek and find books as a child (highlights magazine anyone?) and so it is something I’ve enjoyed sharing with him.  So like I mentioned, ever since I introduced my son to seek and find books he has been interested. Now that he is 10, he has graduated to Where’s Waldo books.  So when I saw this amazing Where’s Will book I HAD to get it for him.

So instead of finding Waldo in random locations like the beach or the jungle, you have to find William Shakespeare in the set of his plays. In the beginning of the book, it gives you a list of the plays featured.

So for each play, there is a two page spread describing the play and the characters followed by a two page spread for finding Will that is very similar looking to a Where’s Waldo spread.

All in all I find this book to be so adorable and yet educational. I am hoping my son loves it when he comes back from his dad’s and sees it.

As always I thank you so much for joining me! Til next time!

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